Underwater Hull Cleaning Services

LighthouseUnderwater hull Cleaning services for a boat are essential when it is left in saltwater. In order to maintain maximum vessel performance, save you upwards of 40% on fuel costs and stretch the time between expensive boat haul-outs, San Diego boat owners hire professional divers like us at San Diego Hull Divers to clean their hull and polish metal parts while their boats are in the salt water. When done properly, underwater hull cleaning removes marine growth and significantly improves the performance and longevity or your boat.

Underwater hull cleaning is a necessary process that helps you to optimize your boat’s performance by keeping the hull and all underwater parts smooth and free from various forms of marine life and residue. This prolongs the life of the anti-fouling paints and helps to sustain the anti-corrosive coating. Scheduled removal of buildup also reduces the chance of corrosion and pitting. Any additional friction (drag) between hull and water will require more power to accelerate your boat requiring you to burn more fuel. It also affects your boat’s speed and maneuverability.

One of the biggest expenses of operating a vessel is the cost of fuel, and with current gas prices being very high, keeping your hull and your propeller surfaces smooth is a money-saving measure. Scheduled hull cleaning and maintenance is a smart and cost-effective ownership policy. One of the most important and overlooked advantages of scheduled underwater boat hull cleaning is keeping through hull suction ports clear, improving the flow of cooling water to the engine while reducing pump wear and tear.
When San Diego Hull Divers cleans your hull, we apply gentle pressure to avoid creating a cloud of paint. Not all hull surfaces are the same so we evaluate each hull and recognize how the underwater hull cleaning and zinc installation should be performed.

Typically, San Diego boats and yachts are on a summer hull cleaning cycle of 3 weeks from May to October and starting in November, a winter cycle of 4 weeks. This schedule is based on average rate of seasonal growth and rate of zinc decay.  We can also evaluate your yachts hull over time and make adjustments to your schedule based on specific vessel rate of growth and zinc anode decay.

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