Zinc Anode Replacement Services

BinocularsZinc Anode replacement is essential to prevent corrosion and electrolysis of your boat’s hull, running gears, propellers, rudders, struts and shafts. All underwater boat and yacht hulls should have zinc anodes on all metal parts. These should be inspected during every underwater hull cleaning performed to insure proper contact and connectivity, amount of decay and effectiveness of each particular zinc anode. Upon completion of the first hull cleaning dive where zincs are replaced, San Diego Hull Divers will evaluate the rate at which your zincs are burning. This enables us to estimate zinc life and determine how often your hull will need cleaning so we can establish a maintenance schedule based upon the unique characteristics of your yacht.

Our divers will check zincs on every hull cleaning and replace your boat zincs as needed and only replace them when it is necessary. We install al industry standard zincs on sailboats, powerboats, yachts, ships and even outdrives and outboards.
Zinc Anode Replacement Services

All standard zincs including:
• Shaft Collar Zincs
• Rudder Zincs
• Strut Zincs
• Propeller Zinc
• Transom, Swim Step Zincs and Keel Zincs
• Installation of ring zincs on sail drives with Max Props, folding props, feathered props or fixed props.
• Installation of zinc anodes on bow thrusters.
• Installation of bow thruster tab zincs.
• Installation of zinc anodes on outboards and outdrives

Please refer to the rates page for San Diego Hull Divers zinc installation rates.

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